Specifications of the IBM 5150 PC
– Released : August 12, 1981.
– Processor : Intel 8088 running at 4.77 MHz*. Optional Intel 8087 math Coprocessor.
– Language : IBM Basic (written and licensed to IBM by Microsoft).
– Keyboard : 83 Keys, 10 function keys, numeric key pad.
– Removable Storage : zero, one or two Full Height 5.25″ 160Kb floppy disk drives. Optional tape drive or hard drive**.
– RAM Memory (Random Access Memory): Anywhere between 16 and 256Kb. (The very first ones shipped with 16Kb and supported a maximum of 64Kb).
– ROM Memory (Read Only Memory): 64 Kb.
– Graphics Capabilities : Depends on installed Graphics card. Typically: Text mode 40 / 80 character X 40 lines) Graphic mode: Monochrome CGA was common (320 X 200 or 640 X 200).
– Tone generator : Built in Speaker
– Internal Expansion Slots: 5 Internal 8-bit ISA slots.

For the original IBM PC UCSD Pascal IV was available, made by Softech. Due to higher prices and low performance it did not really succeed against MS-DOS.

Product numbers for the UCSD p-System related products (1983)
6024016 UCSD P-System'” with Pascal $625.00
6024033 UCSD Pascal Compiler $175.00
6024017 UCSD P-System'” with FORTRAN 77 $625.00
6024034 UCSD FORTRAN Compiler $175.00
6024040 UCSD P-System'” Runtime Support $50.00
IBM6936523 – User’s Guide for the UCSD p-System
6936526 User’s Guide for the UCSD p-System (First Edition January 1982)
6936529 – “UCSD p-System – STARTUP:, Version IV.0 Release 1”
6936534 – “UCSD p-System – SYSTEM 2:, Version IV.0 Release 1”
6936539 – “UCSD p-System – SYSTEM 4:, Version IV.0 Release 1”
6936544 – “UCSD p-System – UTILITY:, Version IV.0 Release 1”
6936549 – “UCSD p-System – EXTRAS:, Version IV.0 Release 1”
IBM6936580 – Beginner’s Guide for the UCSD p-System
IBM6024033 – UCSD Pascal Reference for the UCSD p-System
6936508 – UCSD Pascal Reference for the UCSD p-System
6936500 – “UCSD p-System – PASCAL:, Version IV.0 Release 1″ language compiler
IBM6936554 – Internal Architecture Guide for the UCSD p-System
6024034 UCSD FORTRAN Compiler
6024034 – The Fortran compiler
Manual 6936518
Disks 6936510 – Fortran-77 disk language compiler
Product 6024040 UCSD P-System'” Runtime Support

6936518 p-System FORTRAN-77 Reference January 1982
6936526 p-System Users Guide January 1982
6936557 p-System Internal Architecture Guide January 1982
6936562 p-System Assembler Reference January 1982
6936583 p-System Beginners Guide January 1982
p-System runtime Supportp-System runtime Support
SC40-0506_PLAN_4000 File Server IBM Personal Computer
UCSD p-System Users Guide April 83


Disk images
Another complete set of disk images, in RAW format also
System disk images in IMA format

Emulate UCSD p-System for IBM PC
To try out the IBM PC version you can use an emulator for the IBM PC (the original one, not a later version!)

An emulator that makes this possible on Windows and Linux is PCEM (
A version that works is version 1.6 as you can see in the following screenshots.

To try this do as follows (Windows)
1. Download and unpack e.g. in C:/pcem, PCEM, here a local copy
2. Download the ROMS for the IBM PC, local copy here
3. Unpack and place the ROM file in C:/pcem/ROMS/IBMPC
4. Download the IMA disk images and unpack in a convenient location
5. Start c:/pcem/PCem.exe and load the disk images as drive A: and B:
6. Reboot the emulator and wait a long time (for me it took minutes!) to see UCSD p-system appear on screen.