Zürich Pascal compilers

The first Pascal compiler was developed during the years 1969-1971 for Control Data 6000 series hardware at the Institut für Informatik, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. As result of experience with the system and a new implementation begun in July, 1972, resulting in a family of two compilers, Pascal_P and Pascal-6000, having a single overall design.

Pascal-P is a portable compiler that produces code for a hypothetical stack computer, the system is implemented by writing an interpreter for this machine.

Pascal-6000 produces relocatable code for Contrl Data 600 series computers.

Descendants of these two compilers comprised the bulk of the Pascal implementations in existence after 1980.

CDC 6000 Pascal compilers

Pascal Px compilers

Pascal-S compiler

Pascal PL/0 compiler

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