Turbo Pascal and Delphi


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Turbo Pascal 3 is an IDE and compiler in one package. It runs on CP/M and MS-DOS and the CP/M compatible MSX-DOS. A blazing fast compiler which generated compact and fast executables.

See this page http://turbopascal.org/ how the Turbo Pascal 3.0 works, Complete documented source!

Borland added a lot of functionality, such as object orientation and modularity via units in Borland Pascal 4 to 7. The conversion to Windows was made via Borland Pascal for Windows and then Delphi. Still the same object oriented Pascal programming language.

Delphi is an integrated development environment (IDE) for console, desktop graphical, web applications

Earlier Delphi’s compilers use their own Object Pascal dialect of Pascal and generate native code for Windows NT (IA-32 and x64).

Delphi was originally developed by Borland as a rapid application development tool for Windows, and as the successor of Borland Pascal. Delphi and its C++ counterpart, C++Builder, shared many core components, notably the IDE and the Visual Component Library (VCL), but remained separate until the release of RAD Studio 2007. RAD Studio is a shared host for Delphi, C++Builder, and others.

In 2006, Borland’s developer tools section were transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary known as CodeGear, which was sold to Embarcadero Technologies in 2008.

I still use Delphi 7, later versions are too expensive for me. It still runs on current versions of Windows with some help, it was aimed for Windows XP.