Pascal Newsletter PUG

From 1976 to 1983 this newsletter was sent out to the Pascal User Group. Contributions mostly from universities. The ‘big’ names contributed also, like Niklaus Wirth, Per Brinch Hansen.
The birthplace of the Pascal standards, validation suite, lots of discussions about extensions. It is the best illustration how the distribution of the P4 compiler succeeded in the widespread of Pascal in the educational world. All before the days of the commercial succes of the Pascal compilers by companies like HP, Digital Equipment and Borland.

01 Pascal Newsletter January 1974

02 Pascal Newsletter May 1974
Page 1 History of Pascal documented.
Page 6 Wirth describes Pascal 6000-3.4.
Page 18 Wirth describes Pascal-P (the P-machine, probably P1)

03 Pascal Newsletter February 1975
Page 1 Pascal User Manual and Report published (assume first edition).
Page 4 History of Pascal, revised.
Page 10 Pascal-P2.

04 Pascal Newsletter July 1976
Page 40 Per Brinch Hansen discusses concurrent Pascal.
Page 81 Pascal P4 released.

05 Pascal Newsletter Septemb3r 1976
Newsletter #5 Page 12 1976 Soma cube solver.

06 Pascal Newsletter November 1976

07 Pascal Newsletter February 1977

08 Pascal Newsletter May 1977

09 10 Pascal News September 1977

11 Pascal News February 1978
Page 64 ISO Standard Pascal progress discussion.
Page 70 Pascal P4 implementation notes (is P4 standard Pascal?).

12 Pascal News June 1978
Page 7 French/English Pascal keywords and identifiers.
Page 17 Application section appears with Pascal sources.
Page 20 Compare two text files and report differences.
Page 25 Performance measurement.
Page 32 Self printing program.
Page 33 Analisys of Pascal design goals.

13 Pascal Newsletter December 1978
Page 13 Discussion of UCSD Pascal deviations/omissions from standard Pascal.
Page 34 Pascal prettyprinter (Hueras).
Page 34 Pretty printer (Pascal source formatter).
Page 45 Pascal prettyprinter (Condict).
Page 49 Pascal program formatter.
Page 83 Letters from Wirth and others on the draft ISO standard.
Page 84 Letter concerning test suite for ISO Pascal (Wichmann).
Page 86 Announcement of ANSI standards group.
Page 92 Lazy I/O first described.

14 Pascal News January 1979
Newsletter #14 Page 5 1979 Working draft of BSI/ISO Pascal standard.

15 Pascal News September 1979
Page 7 Comments on ADA.
Page 31 ID2ID identifier translator program.
Page 32 Rename identifiers in a Pascal program.
Page 35 Text formatter program.
Page 40 Prose text formatter.
Page 57 Compute perfect hash table for Pascal reserved words.
Page 62 How to process scope in Pascal (A. Sale).
Page 63 Interactive Pascal-S.
Page 90 Pascal standards progress reports.
Page 99 Pascal validation suite available.
Page 102 Modula-2.
Page 112 UCSD becomes commercial product.

16 Pascal News October 1979
Pascal Validation Suite

17 Pascal News March 1980
Page 12 Report on Ada.
Page 18 Pascal cross reference program.
Page 20 Pascal program cross reference generator.
Page 29 Pascal macro processor.
Page 30 Pascal macro preprocessor.
Page 54 Conformant array parameters proposed.

18 Pascal News May1980

19 Pascal News September 1980
Page 30 Pascal-s compiler/interpreter.
Page 44 LISP interpreter.

20 Pascal Newsletter December 1980

21 Pascal Newsletter April 1981
Page 12 EM-1 Machine emulator (for later EM1 Pascal compiler).

22 23 Pascal News September 1981
Page 4 EM-1 Pascal compiler.
Page 40 Print trees.
Page 44 Perform huffman compression on file.

23A Pascal Newsletter

24 Pascal News January 1983
Page 40 Biliography generator program.
Page 28 Tree print program.

25 Pascal Newsletter April 1983
Page 12 Improved Pascal cross reference generator program.

26 Pascal News Jul83

27 Pascal and Modula 2 November 1983
Page 31 Pascal translator writing system.