Px descendants

The PX compilers, P2 and P4 were sent all over the world to mainly universities.

And the ease of bootstrapping made it a success and made Pascal very popular at first as educational tool.
These were mostly Px descendents diue to the ease of bootstrapping via an interpreter. Some greq and beacme Standard Pascal compliant, with native code generators.

Many industry strength compilers followed by main computer manufacturers (DEC< IBM< HP etc) and software companies, inspired at least by the recursive descent compiler design. Pascal went on and became DEC VMS Pascal, HP1000 Pascal, UCSD System, Apple Pascal, Turbo Pascal and many other small systems Pascal compilers. Then Object Pascal followed as Borland Pascal, Delphi, Freepascal, Lazarus. Not all were standard Pascal, see the Standard Pascal and validation page.

A list of early Zurich compilers descendants:

DEC PDP-10 Pascal compiler, a DECUS version
DEC PDP-11, another DECUS version
Stanford Pascal 360
P5, Recent Standard Pascal ISO7185 conformant descendant of the P4 compiler
UCSD System, a P2 compiler completely changed to a new kind of Pascal and Operating System by Ken Bowles and students at UCSD.
Model Implementation of Standard Pascal Welsh Hay