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This site is about the Wirth school of langueses, based on the ideas and implementations of Prof Niklaus Wirth, Kenneth Bowles, Per Brinch Hansen, collegues and their students. And my experience with the various variants, from the P2 and P4 compilers originating in Zurich, via UCSD Pascal to the Borland compilers and Modual and Oberon systems. All applicable to small computers like the UCSD PascalTurbo pascal and my own work on compilers.

Wirth Bowles


Niklaus Wirth, very influencal with his work on structured programming. Designer of Pascal, Modula, Oberon, the Lilith computer and more.
As a professor at the ETH in Zurich Switzerland he advanced our knowledge and capabilities with computers and their programming. Now retired.

Kenneth Bowles, initiator of the UCSD Pascal and P-System work at UCSD.
He had a large group of students working on a very practical Pascal compiler and operating system and this way contributed to the huge success of Pascal in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century.
Now retired.

Per Brinch Hansen, the driving force behind Concurrent Pascal and in general behind the advantages in concurrent programming. Also wrote some excellent books on Pascal and Pascal-like compilers and operating systems, e.g. Edison and Solo. Read his biography here. Per Brinch Hansen is a distinguished professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Syracuse University. Per died in 2007. See here for more.

On this website you will find information on Pascal for small machines, like Wirth compilers, the Yahoo Group UCSD Pascal, Yahoo archive, many scanned books' and other files on UCSD Pascal, Pascal on MSX and CP/M and much more.

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