Softech and Pecan

UCSD Pascal: the SofTech Microsystems (SMS) era, after the handover of license and many students (Mark Overgaard a.o.).

UCSD p_System version IV is a commercial version, developed and sold by SofTech Microsystems. Based on Version II, it did not include many changes from Version III. Not a commercial sucess due to combination of their pricing structure, performance problems due to p-code interpreter, and competition with native operating systems (on top of which it often ran). Latest release was IV.2.1 R3.3 November 1984

After SofTech dropped the product and SMS stopped, it was picked up by Pecan Systems, a relatively small company formed of p-System users and fans. Sales revived somewhat, due mostly to Pecan’s reasonable pricing structure, but the p-System and UCSD Pascal gradually lost the market to native operating systems and compilers.

Softech (and Pecan) made many contributions to the p-System to make it more attractive: more programming languages, less restrictions, native code compilation, better documentation, widespread OEM sales (inlcuding HP, DEC, IBM, Texas Instruments, Heathkit etc) see the IV manuals below and the other UCSD pages for examples.

(restricted to Softech SMS documents, see the other UCSD pages for many more manuals that originated from Softech with a cover by the OEM company).

1 182 MA The MacAdvantage UCSD Pascal 1984
1-240.41.A Softech Corvus Supplement 84
Adaptable p-System 4
CR-CP-0059-C81 Draft Ada Language System Specification Vol 1 November 1983
CR-CP-0059 C84 Draft Ada Language System Compiler Machine-Independent Section November 1983
Internal Architecture 1.140.41.A
MC-1000 UCSD Pascal Installation Guide
Offload for UCSD
Pecan Program Development Aids
Pecan user’s manual
Pecan user’s manual
p-System IV.0 Users Manual Januari 1981
p-System Users Manual Supplement Version IV.0_April 1982
Softech MicroSystems p-Systems Internal Architecture
SofTech MicroSystems P-System Internal Architecture Reference Manual
SofTech MicroSystems P-System Software Reference Library Assembler Reference_Manual
SofTech MicroSystems p-System Software Reference Library Operating System
SofTech MicroSystems p-System Software Reference Library Program Development
Softech Microsystems UCSD p-System for the Apple II Computer (ver_4.0) March 1983
Softech IV Supplement April 1982
Softech IV.0 Users Manual January 1981
Softech Microsystems UCSD p-SYSTEM Version_IV October 1980
softech IV addenda
UCSD p-System & UCSD PASCAL_Internal_Architecture_Guide
USCD PASCAL Maintenance News Vol1 No2 March 1980


Softech Microsystems UCSD p-System for the Apple II Computer (ver_4.0) March 1983
Disk images Apple II p-System IV

UCSD p-System II.0 IMD disk images
UCSD p-System IV IMD disk images
Sources disk images IV VOL files (Ciderpress readable)
Knowledge Software Port-kit via C compiler bootstrap
Pecan UCSD compiler sources on Compuserve
Source IV.13 compiler
UCSD for MAC IV images
Corvus disk images