UCSD Yahoo group

From 2004 to 2019 a Yahoo group was active, dedicated to the UCSD p-System.
Many discussions and files were added to this group.
When Yahoo decided to shut down groups I made a dump of files and messages in 2019

Yahoo files archive
Yahoo messages in one big text file with meta information

Most files have found their way into the applicable UCSD page also.

The groups lives on at groups.io at https://groups.io/g/UCSDPascal

    File        : /Compiler/UCSDCMPA.PAS 
  Description : Source File 1 of 6 of UCSD Pascal Compiler for the PDP-11 From Compuserve
  File        : /I56502.DSK 
  Description : This is an Apple 2 floppy image of a hacked system.apple to run I.5 pcodes with a I.5 system in it 
  File        : /I5forPC/Interp7.exe 
  Description : Experimental interp for I.5 pcodes on the PC, runs under MSDOS/Windows with normal dos files 
    File        : /Ucsdramd 
  Description : RAMDrive software for many versions pf Apple Pascal 
  File        : /15SYS1.VOL 
  Description : Disk 1 of the UCSD PASCAL I.5 system with source, for CP/M.  This is a 360k disk image mountavle as avolume by the PC dos hosted p-system 
  File        : /ADAP6502.VOL 
  Description : 6502 adaptable psystem from OSI disk
  File        : /VOLITION.VOL 
  Description : BOOTABLE Volition System's II.0 p-code system that hosted their modula-2 compiler 
    File        : /psystem1.zip 
  Description : DOS hosted psystem executables part 1 
    File        : /IV2UTILS.VOL 
  Description : DOS hosted psystem part 2 
    File        : /PECAN.VOL 
  Description : Part of DOS hosted package 
    File        : /RAINBOW.zip 
  Description : Rainbow pascal disks converted to DOS hosted files
    File        : /UCSDEDIT.ZIP 
  Description : Complete source code for the E.4 editor (SYSTEM.EDITOR). You saw it here first! 
    File        : /CPMADAPT.zip 
  Description : CP/M Adaptable system 
    File        : /Adap40.zip 
  Description : Documentation for Installation of the Adaptabe IV.0 UCSD Pascal
    File        : /Global20.txt 
    File        : /Global30.txt 
    File        : /AltosUCSDII.0 ? Z80.sit 
  Description : UCSD II.0 ? 8" disk images of Z80 Altos, missing asm ? 
    File        : /MostekUCSDI.5Z80.sit 
  Description : UCSD 1.5 8" working images Z80 Mostek 
    File        : /RevEngII/FILER.TEXT 
  Description : Filer source created from version 1.1 of Apple Pascal 
    File        : /UCSDCPM.zip 
  Description : source of 8080  UCSD Interpreter II.0 CP/M boot

  File        : /1.5 Mostek Z80.zip 
  Description : UCSD 1.5 Mostek Z80 in zip archive 
   File        : /psys22.zip 
  Description : MS DOS host based p-system IV2.2 R1.1 
   File        : /Disassembly stuff/p-decode.zip 
  Description : Sent to me by Richard Stearn for uploading here

   File        : /Disk images/Apple II/ATTACH1.do 
  Description : Disk distributed by the Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS) 

  File        : /Disk images/Apple II/ATTACH2.do 
   File        : /Z80INTERP20.zip 
  Description : Complete source code for the Z80 interp for II.0 under CP/m 
    File        : /ucsd_pme-0.1.0.tgz 
  Description : A UCSD I.5 interpreter for Unix 
   File        : /Disk images/Apple II/PPMPATCH.SDK 
  Description : A ShrinkIt archive of a disk containing Pascal Partition Manager patched so that PPM will work with 3.5 inch drives and drives connected to Apple SCSI cards 
    File        : /Version II stuff/ODMSCU.TEXT 
  Description : A generic screen unit from Arley Dealey of Volition Systems. This unit peeks as system.miscinfo to work out how to move cursor and clear screen
    File        : /I5forPC/pc157g.zip 
  Description : Source for a DOS I.5 cross compiler 
    File        : /I5forPC/interp7src.zip 
  Description : Source for INTERP7.EXE, the I.5 interp under Dos, in Borland Pascal 7 
    File        : /I5forPC/PC157Jsrc.ZIP 
  Description : Source for p-code compiler to generate I.5 pcodes, based on original UCSD I.5 compiler. Runs under the I.5 interp like this: "INTERP7 PC157J"
    File        : /COMPIV/COMP41.PAS 
  Description : Compiler source ver IV.13 
   Description : Compiler source ver IV.13=20
     File        : /Release III (MicroEngine) src/psystem-III.zip 
  Description : Release III system sources
    File        : /Release III (MicroEngine) src/compiler-III.zip 
  Description : Release III compiler sources

  File        : /Release III (MicroEngine) src/calc-III.zip 
  Description : Release III calculator source 
    File        : /Release III (MicroEngine) src/peditor-III.zip 
  Description : Release III editor sources 
    File        : /SOURCEIV.ZIP 
  Description : Source code for IV.13 and some IV.2 15 named disks 
    File        : /Laurie's Utilities/PSYSNSI.ZIP 
  Description : DOS utility to extract files from a p-system .VOL image 
    File        : /TI/UCSD Compiler.pdf 
  Description : UCSD Compiler manual IV.0 for TI-99 
    File        : /SUDOKU.PAS 
  Description : sudoku solver in UCSD Pascal 
    File        : /Apple2Pascal1.1IntDisasm.pdf 
  Description : Apple II Pascal 1.1 P-code interpreter disasm by Willi Kusche 

  File        : /PrelimGuideToApplePascalInterfacingForeignHardware.pdf 
  Description : Scan of the Preliminary Apple Pascal Guide to Interfacing Foreign Hardwary - 10 Dec 1979 
    File        : /Disk images/Apple II/BOOTPPM.DSK 
  Description : ProFile Partition Manager patched to allow creating an Apple Pascal area in ProDOS volumes using AppleWin 
    File        : /AppleIV/BOOTSEC.SHK 
  Description : Source for boot sectors and a listing file 
    File        : /Tiny Pascal Compiler/Tiny Pascal Compiler.txt 
  Description : Tiny Pascal compiler (TRS-80, Model III) 
    File        : /Tiny Pascal Compiler.txt 
  Description : Tiny Pascal compiler (TRS-80, Model III)
    File        : /Laurie's Utilities/FloppyRead.zip 
  Description : Updated EXE and source in Delphi 3, Now handles any size 8 inch disc image

  File        : /Laurie's Utilities/PSYSREAD.ZIP 
  Description : Windows program to read and extract files from ANY p-system .VOL image. Includes Delphi source and EXE 

  File        : /Laurie's Utilities/z80Emulator.zip 
  Description : For a windows based machine. This is an emulator that will boot and run disc images of II.0, I.5 and I.4. It emulates the Z80 or 8080 SYSTEM.MICRO or SYSTEM.INTERP on these disc images. Stable images for the previous versions are included. 
  File        : /Laurie's Utilities/Z80EMSource.zip 
  Description : Source code for the z80 emulator in Delphi 7. No machine code is used so it should be portable to Lazarus. I just need a decent CRT component to make it work in Lazarus/Linux 

  File        : /Laurie's Utilities/PascalBooter.zip 
  Description : The emulator will need PASCAL.COM to bootstrap the floppy.  Here is the 8080 source code 
    File        : /bootable-rk0.dsk.gz 
  Description : PDP11 bootable RK05 ucsdII.0 disk image 
    File        : /PDP11 stuff/bootable-rk05.zip 
  Description : Ron Young's bootable RT-11 disc image for building PDP-11 II.0 interp. Use the simh PDP-11 emulator.  
  Description : Runtime support for IV.13 and IV.21

  Description : Bios for IV.13 and IV.21 
    File        : /Disk images/IBM PC/SYSTEM2.IMD 
  Description : IV.0 Release 1. One of 2 disks for the IBM PC, made with Dave Dunfield's Image disk utility. 
    File        : /Disk images/IBM PC/FORTRAN.IMD 
  Description : UCSD Fortran Compiler for IBM PC 
    File        : /CHARSET/terak.video.display.pdf 
  Description : Description of Terac video display

  File        : /USUS Newsletters/Compression Test - USUS Newsletter V4N3 1990-05_06.pdf 
  Description : Should I compress more like this (CCITT G4, 60% typ. reduction)? 
  File        : /TI/UCSD Turtlegraphics manual.rtf
  Description : UCSD Turtlegraphics Manual for the TI-99
  File        : /TI/ASM-LNK.DSK
  Description : UCSD Pascal assembler linker disk
    File        : /TI/COMPILER.DSK
  Description : UCSD Pascal compiler disk
    File        : /TI/EDT-FIL.DSK
  Description : UCSD Pascal Editor Filer disk
    File        : /TI/UCSD-UTI.DSK
  Description : UCSD Pascal Utilities disk
    File        : /TI/UCSD_p_system_Editor_Files_Utilities_Part_1_Editor.pdf
  Description : UCSD Pascal Editor manual
  File        : /TI/UCSD_p_system_Editor_Files_Utilities_Part_2_Filer.pdf
  Description : UCSD Pascal Filer manual
  File        : /TI/UCSD_p_system_Editor_Files_Utilities_Part_3_Utilities.pdf
  Description : UCSD Pascal Utilities manual
  File        : /PPMEXAMP.ZIP
  Description : Example of a ProDOS volume containing images of all four disks comprising UCSD Pascal version 1.2 plus the Pascal Partition Manager needed to maintain the ProDOS volume
  File        : /Internals/softech microsystems p-systems reference.pdf
  Description : Softech Microsystems p-System Reference
    File        : /Laurie's Utilities/AppleRead.zip
  Description : AppleRead.exe will allow you to convert an Apple II pascal disk image (.DSK) to a .VOL file that the p-system can mount. Source and EXE in Delphi 7 included. The .VOL file can also be read by PSYSREAD.EXE (located in the file section).

  File        : /Laurie's Utilities/Z80EM2010.zip
  Description : 2019 Update of my Z80 emulator, written in Delphi 7, boots and runs raw  CP/M disc images of I.4, I.5 and II.0 UCSD. Full source enclosed.