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UCSD documents

UCSD Pascal 1.4 manual January 9178
UCSD Pascal 1.4 manual September 1978
UCSD Pascal II.0 System December 1978
UCSD Pascal II.0 listing
UCSD Pascal II.0 Manual 1979

Western Digital Pascal Micro Engine

Pascal Micro Engine Technotes
Pascal Micro Engine July 1982
Pascal Micro Engine Reference Manual March 1979
Pascal Micro Engine News July 1979
Pascal Micro Engine UCSD Pascal Operating System Reference Manual July 1982

Softech manuals

Softech Operating System Guide 1983
Softech Programming Development 1983
Softech Asssembler 1983
Softech p-SYtem Internal Architecure 1983
Softech Corvus Supplement 1983
Softech MAintenance NEws VOlume 1 No 2 March 1980
Softech IV Addenda
Softech Internal Architecture 1981

The SAGE computer, produced in the 1980’s by SAGE Computer Technology , is a 68000 cpu based with a version IV implementation of the p-System. David Erhart has collected much information on this machine at Sage computers. Of much interest are the version IV manuals like Internal Architecture manual and p-System Operating manual.

p-System for the Digital Rainbow

UCSD on Sage Computer

Internal Architecture manual
p-System Operating System manual
Sage Computer p-System Program Development manual

UCSD sources

Source archive at UCSD of early UCSD p-System for the Terak computer I.4 and I.5. Complete sources!

UCSD Pascal 1.5 sources

UCSD Pascal 1.5 sources

Contents of I.5 sources archive:

P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Binder.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Compiler.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Disassembler.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 LibMap.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Librarian.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Linker.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 PIO Unit.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 PIO.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 Radix.txt
P.UCSD Pascal 1.5 System.txt
UCSD I.5 Assembler.pdf
UCSD I.5 Assembler.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Binder.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Compiler.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Disassembler.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp 3.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp CopyRite.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp DL.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp EIS.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp IOTR.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp LP.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp LSI.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp Macs.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp MainOp.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp ProcOp.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp QX.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp QXBOOT.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp RK.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp RKBOOT.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp RX.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp RXBOOT.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp TERAK.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Interp TK.MAC
UCSD Pascal 1.5 LibMap.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Librarian.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Linker.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 PIO Unit.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 PIO.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 Radix.txt
UCSD Pascal 1.5 System.txt
UCSD Pascal Compiler i3.pdf
UCSD Pascal Compiler i3.txt
UCSD Pascal Compiler i4.pdf
UCSD P-System 1.5 Sources.pdf
UCSD P-System 1.5 Sources.txt