Pascal compiler sources

Steven Pemberton’s site with code and thorough documentation of the P4 compiler, the text of the book:
Pascal Implementation: The P4 Compiler and Interpreter, by Steven Pemberton and Martin Daniels, Ellis Horwood, ISBN: 0-13-653-0311

On Scott Moore’s Standard Pascal site an interesting page on the PL/0, pascal-s and P4 compilers with sources and fixes.┬áPascal-s compiler, the small and easy to understand subset of Pascal by Wirth.

The Amsterdam Compiler kit, of which I witnessed the first versions around 1980 now as opensource for Linux etc. Targets include all major cpu’s form the past (6502, 8080, Z80) until modern Intel 86 architecture. Full source of compiler and interpreters and documentation included.


Pascal-M, written by Mark Rustad, a version of the P2 compiler (without floating point) and a p-code (M-code) interpreter suitable and optimized for microprocessors.
With permission from Mark to publish it.

See for the recreated and scanned verson 1.x of this compiler/interpreter combination, actually working on the KIM-1 with 32K extra memory.

Pascal on the Commodore

A Pascal compiler-interpreter combination, including sources, well integrated on the Commodore 64 and C128 computers, by Prof Dr Florian Matthes