New setup of my Pascal blog

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Niklaus Wirth, Edsger Dijkstra, Tony Hoare, as I saw them in Utrecht 1980

After neglecting the website several years, several activities surged new interest.

  • Many links are outdated or invalid. So now check them all, renew or delete dead.
  • Wirth is still active, some interesting videos have appeared, so I drag them in also from the blog.
  • time to update the underlying technique. Farewell CMSMS, it served me well, but it is now outdated. Skin support is limited, plugins are rudimentary and I wanted a responsive design with all the phones and tablets accessing my websites. So yet another WordPress site, building on the experience I have with the, and websites.
  • I started working with Freepascal and Lazarus on the Raspberry Pi. A nice little machine with plenty of I/O, needing a Wirth-like programming environment. Oberon would have been better, but nothing practical exists yet.
  • Project Oberon is revived by Wirth in his FPGA 2013 rebirth. This makes it possible to see what it is all about, since the RISC engine is easy to emulate. And FPGA hardware is around, though I can not recommend the OberonStation hardware.
  • I have several Pascal related pages on my other websites. I dragged the Raspberry Pi pages already in, the Delphi parallel port pages from will follow.
  • More information on persons that played a role in my Wirth universum of languages and systems: Jurg Gutknecht, Anders Hejlsberg, Edsger Dijkstra.